Laguna Beach Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

We understand your situation is unique and therefore we offer a customized treatment program that fits you and your needs… Learn more about our residential men’s only facilities below:

Luxury Residential Inpatient Treatment Facilities

Both of our facilities are located in Southern Orange County, California and each offers:

  • Beautiful, large grounds with ocean front views
  • Large residential houses for comfortable inpatient treatment
  • Luxurious accommodations from the large living spaces to the bedrooms
  • Close proximity to the beach and the community for regular activities

Learn More About Our Treatment Facilities:

Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity to experience a full life beyond drugs and alcohol. A life that includes recognizing the beauty that exists around us and within us.

To provide a safe, private and therapeutic place for clients to begin, or further their recovery.

To assure that individuals are treated with dignity and respect through a supportive environment while building a foundation through the 12-Steps, psycho-educational groups, life skill education, group and individual therapy, as well as promoting health and education for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

To educate the individual to the benefits of long-term continuing support post-discharge to enhance and support their continued recovery.

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laguna Beach Rehab:

1. Personalized Addiction Treatment Programs

Each individual in need of addiction treatment is completely unique and therefore we believe each treatment plan should also be unique. Upon intake our professional counselors will assess your individual needs and develop a rehab treatment plan that is customized for you. Because we focus on co-occurring disorders, it is important that we identify the underlying psychiatric or psychological disorders with each client so that your treatment plan can address and include mental health treatment alongside the addiction treatment.

2. Strong Family Integration

Family communication and participation is key to your recovery. Here at Laguna Beach Recovery Center we integrate family members into the rehab treatment plan which helps promote a healthy support system for the client to return home to. We understand the importance of family integration and collaboration. Because our center is so small, our staff can include the family in daily communications between you and the primary therapists, lessening the chance for surprises or miscommunications.

3. A Higher Level of Clinical Treatment

The Laguna Beach Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs blend proven clinical treatment methods with cutting edge techniques to create lasting treatment for lifelong recovery. Our licensed staff is world renowned and together we have helped thousands of people successfully recover from drug and alcohol abuse and go on to live healthy, full lives. We aim to provide the highest standard in care and deliver unparalleled treatment well above the industry standards.

4. Limited Beds for Individual Care at our Inpatient Facilities

Located in a beautiful, private Southern Orange County California residence, both our men’s only residential facilities are limited to only 6 beds. Because we have a 3 to 1 client to staff ratio, our rehab treatment team is always available to tend to the needs of each individual resident 24/7. You or your loved one will be able to participate in all of the group therapies while still being provided the individual attention you need to explore your personal destructive behaviors and get to the root of the underlying issues.

5. Long Term Relapse Prevention

Your initial inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program is only the first step to long term addiction recovery. As with any disease, the threat of relapse is always a concern for anyone with a history of chemical abuse. Our addiction treatment programs are intended to extend as long as you need and focus on relapse prevention to provide the very best chance for long term, permanent recovery. After you graduate your initial treatment program we provide continued aftercare and weekly alumni meetings for life – ensuring your long term sobriety.

Restore balance to your life after addiction with whole body healing and rejuvenation. Call now to see how we can help you get your life back on track.