Beautiful, Luxury Residential Addiction Treatment in
Southern California

Located in the exclusive beachfront residences of Southern Orange County, our treatment facilities overlook the gorgeous Laguna Beach coastline.

Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity to experience a full life beyond drugs and alcohol. A life that includes recognizing the beauty that exists around us and within us.

To provide a safe, private and therapeutic place for clients to begin, or further their recovery.

To assure that individuals are treated with dignity and respect through a supportive environment while building a foundation through the 12-Steps, psycho-educational groups, life skill education, group and individual therapy, as well as promoting health and education for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

To educate the individual to the benefits of long-term continuing support post-discharge to enhance and support their continued recovery.

CEO Message:

Kory Avarell, CEO of Laguna Beach Recovery, redefines devotion with his compassionate approach to the treatment of those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

“I’m going to give away the “secret” to our alcohol drug treatment program right here. We immerse people into a full life – a life beyond drugs and alcohol. A life that includes opening our eyes and looking at the incredible beauty inside and outside of us that is Creation’s miracle. For so very long, we were unable to see it – not because we didn’t want to, but because we didn’t know how. The nature surrounding the Laguna Beach Recovery provides an ideal setting. The distinct tranquility of the sea supports an environment where quiet healing can happen on the inside. This is good news! We can all get clean and sober on the outside; but it is the work we do on the inside that transforms our lives.

I honestly believe our drug rehabilitation program and our staff have all of the essential qualities to help people in trouble wake up to the possibility of being happy, joyous and free. We’ve done the work and received the blessings. And we could have missed it all. We don’t want you or your loved one to miss it. 

I hope you will give us the privilege of sharing our experience, strength and hope.”

Our clients experience lifelong, permanent recovery. Call us now and experience the same superior service from your first call to graduation…and beyond!


Laguna Beach Recovery staff is made up of top tier, handpicked addiction professionals. We continue to have many industry professionals who want to work for us, but only a special few are selected. Our admissions process is quick but extremely thorough. We understand the sense of urgency in getting someone into treatment immediately. We have developed a custom, unique process that is fast, comprehensive and very personal. Once a client has admitted, our initial confidential assessment allows our caring treatment team to create a custom, comfortable, creative rational, step by step treatment plan that is practical in nature and precise in design.

Affiliation with Medical Professionals

Laguna Beach Recovery is proud to be affiliated with leading medical professionals. Through the years we have developed, strong, respectable, and professionals relationship in our local medical community. Our staff is made up of some of the country’s foremost authorities on addiction medicine. Depending on each individual treatment plan, we have special counselors, therapist, and host of medical and health care specialist to deal with any situation that may rise. There is nothing we will not do for our clients and families to help them peace, serenity, good health and sobriety. Laguna Beach Recovery is a strong, powerful, lifelong resource that ensures families their beloved one is in the most capable hands. We are the very best at what we do.

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